Vadītājs notriec dvīņus, kuri šķērsoja ceļu, lūk kādu skaidrojumu dod varas iestādes (foto)


Vadītajs teica, ka iebraucis parkā, lai izvairītos no avārijas. Pēc tam noskaidrojās, ka vīrietis lietojis alkoholu, kas 10x pārsniedza pieļaujamo normu.

Pic shows: The twins and their mother. Baby twins miraculously escaped death after being run down by a drunk driver. The one-year-old toddlers were being taken for a walk in a park with their mum pushing them in a pram when the drunk Lada driver came careering across the grass towards them in the city of Sevastopol in Crimea. As the horrified mum tried to drag her twins to safety the car slammed into the pram sending it somersaulting through the air and the toddlers flying onto the ground. Stunned eye witness Marina Matveeva, 54, said: "I was going for a walk when I saw this car suddenly go onto the grass and head towards the mum and her children. "When it hit them, the stroller went spinning through the air and one of the babies landed very near to the car's rear wheel. "The driver was about to reverse, but the mother screamed so loudly he stopped. "If he hadn’t he would have surely crushed the baby." As the mum ran to help her bleeding and crying tots passersby phoned the police and an ambulance. A police spokesman said that when officers arrived five minute later they found the mum cradling her twins and sobbing as the drunk sat behind the wheel of his motor. He was given a breath test and found to be 10 times over the limit. The babies were taken to hospital where their condition is said to be stable. The drunk driver now faces charges of drink driving and endangering the lives of others. (ends)

Vēl, jo vairāk šoferim nebija autovadītāja apliecības.

Viņš tika sodīts par diviem nodarījumiem – vadījis automobīli alkohola reibumā un izveidojis situāciju, kas apdraud dzīvības.


Neaizmirstiet padalīties ar šo rakstu un esiet uzmanīgi parkos!